The HOT New Broadway Musical on ICE!


Cast of Characters

Doubling of cast is possible and encouraged.  The show can be performed with a minimum of thirteen cast members. 

 Jan:                           A beautiful former Olympian skating announcer.  When the cameras are rolling she’s sweeter than pie.
                                    When the cameras stop, she’s got a bitchy, sarcastic edge. 

John:                         A sixty-ish former Olympian skating announcer.  Always over the top.  Sometimes funny without  trying to be.
                                   He shares Jan’s off camera bitchy, sarcastic edge.

Chelsey Riley:          A talented young skater who comes from a working class family.  Financing problems don’t keep skating
                                   from being her life.

Gwen Riley :            Chelsey’s mother, sweet and down to earth, determined, but nobody’s fool.

Jack Riley:              Chelsey’s father

Stephen:                 Chelsey’s skating coach

 Park Soo-Min:       A world renowned South Korean skating coach with a world class temper.

Lee Hye-Su:            A young talented South Korean skater trapped in a system that she wants to escape.

Veronica Cohen:   The quintessential skating mother of Lindsay.  Nothing will stop her from her daughter’s dream, or is that her dream?

Mothers 1 & 2:      Other skating mothers who gossip at the rink

Lindsay Cohen:    The spoiled rich daughter of Veronica trying to find her own focus and her own sense of self without her mother’s
                                constant pressure.

Doug:                    Lindsay’s skating coach.  A nice guy with good values, but strict.

Josh Baldwin:       A young talented male skater who also happens to be Gay.

David Campbell:   A young talented Canadian skater a heart throb matinee idol with a reputation for the ladies

Dean Andrews:     A young U.S. skater

Various skating coaches, Various young skaters in group production numbers

Three male singers can double as John, Jack Riley, Doug, Frank, Tim, and Jonathan Brown. The female singers can double as Jan, Gwen Riley, Soo-Min, and Mothers 1 and 2. Veronica should be played by an additional actress. The cast also includes the three female lead skaters:  Chelsey Riley, Lee Hye-Su, and Lindsay Cohen as well as the three male lead skaters:  Josh Baldwin, David Campbell, and Dean Andrews.  (The nine young children used only in the group lesson section of the show and can immediately leave the back stage area after Act 1, Scene 3 finishes.)

Synopsis of Act I

The action of this skating musical focuses on the lives of six young figure skaters as they prepare for the upcoming Olympic Games.  The six are portrayed by actors; the skating is performed by their alter egos.  At the World Games the skaters perform to “All My Life,” which affirms each skater’s joy of skating and love of the ice.  The television announcers, John and Jan, reveal their true caustic personalities before going on air as the darlings of the airwaves to give us the background on the protagonists:  Chelsey, Lindsay, Soo-MIn, Josh, and David.  (John and Jan appear periodically to provide unintentional comic pontifications from the sidelines with their over the top styles.)  Immediately after the first production number depicting the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games, we flash back fifteen years to the humble beginnings of our skaters marked by sacrifice, heartache and joy.

The regimentation of young skaters is portrayed in the song “Skate, Skate, Skate.”  Veronica and Gwen, skating mother, discuss the difficulties of having a child involved with skating at a high competitive level. Chelsea Ryan describes her young desire to be Sonja Henie and her mother’s realization of Chelsey’s dream to be a champion.  “Everything I Am” expresses Chelsey’s change of idols when she sees Michelle Kwan ice skate.  Chelsey’s parents argue about family finances.


The abuses a young skater can endure are expressed in a scene between Hye-Su and Soo-MIn before Hye-Su sings “There Is a Place” in which she expresses her desire for freedom.  Hye-Su describes to David her yearning to get to the West.  Soo-Min interrupts and sends David away.  A flashback shows more of the emotional abuse Hye-Su endured.


Josh expresses how he found skating to escape the taunts of other boys.  “I’m King of the Ice” tells how he feels on the ice in comparison to off the ice.  Dean, a younger skater, expresses his admiration for Josh’s skating.  Their song “Don’t Look at Me” expresses their inner feelings.  Chelsey and Lindsay have an encounter showing their mutual dislike for each other.  Mothers of skaters express their own agendas for their children before they sing “Skating Mothers’ Lament,” a jazzy, four part harmony production number. 


Veronica, the ultra pushy mother, shows her manipulation of daughter Lindsay before singing “Regrets Like Mine” about her lost dreams.   Coach Doug points out to Lindsay that all her problems can’t be blamed on her mother.  Lindsay sings “Get Up and Skate” about how her love of skating became drudgery and now she wants to succeed on her own.  Coach Doug Steven confronts Veronica about how to deal with her daughter. 


Soo-Min warns David to stay away from Hye-Su.  David expresses his love of the power of skating and goes into the exuberant and comical “We Have Lots of Snow in Canada,” a production number filled with macho hockey types and figure skaters. 

The mothers again show mounting anxiety as the national competition approaches.  Jan and John announce the national competition.  Lindsay beats Chelsey, barely.  Josh triumphs over his competition.  Jan and John point out that the next time the skaters will see each other is at the Olympic Games in one month.  The act ends with the rousing reprise of “All My Life, I’ve Dreamed of This.” 



Synopsis of Act Two


The skating production number, “This Is The Day,” with the many national flags begins act two.  John and Jan inform us that we are at the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.  They highlight the qualities of the top women and men skater and characterize the coming competition, which promises to be outstanding.


Lindsay stops Chelsey to wish her luck and apologize for her past attitude that was inspired by Veronica’s poisoned attitude.  Chelsey reveals that she has never hated Lindsay.  The two promise to skate their best to beat Soo-MIn, the leading contender.  The song, “Nobody Knows,” reveals the work they’ve had to do to reach this stage of their careers.


Soo-Min reminds Hye-Su that her goal is to skate and win for her country.  Personal pain and suffering mean nothing if the goal is reached.  Hye-Su exerts her authority by slapping Soo-MIn and storming away.  David approaches Soo-MIn with sympathy, wondering why they can’t be seen together.  After the Games, Soo-MIn tells him they can be together.  They sing “Until I Met You” expressing that their past lives will disappear into a new life together filled with love.


Dean expresses his wish that Josh could be more openly gay.  Josh asks for patience.  They reprise “Don’t Look at Me.”


Jan and John announce another competition, the Men’s.  They are beside themselves with anticipation, in part because Dark Horse Dean has just performed and could receive the bronze medal.  The top men skate with Josh’s near perfection and artistry edging David’s sheer athleticism. 


To Veronica’s shock, Lindsay breaks with her mother to pursue her career in areas beyond skating competition.  She has seen her possibilities of a life beyond Veronica’s competitive dreams.  Veronica and Lindsay exchange heated words. Lindsay leaves, and Veronica stands painfully alone on stage singing “The Person That I See.”


Hye Su has a fall on the ice which Soo-Min wants her to exploit so others will think she’s more badly hurt than she really is.  David overhears a comment about using hi.”  m for publicity and breaks with Hye-Su with the song “I’m Not One of Your Fans


Jan and John breathlessly introduce the Women’s Competition with descriptions of each athlete’s strengths.  Each woman skates a fine performance.  Their song brackes the announcement of the final standings Soo-MIn drops to Bronze, Lindsay take Silver, and Chelsey wins Gold.  Hye-Su manages to explain to David how much he means to her.  They reconcile.  Chelsey and Gwen reflect on the cost of winning.


John and Jan talk with the skaters.  David announces his marriage to Soo-Min.  Josh is asked about his future plans.  At this point he publicly comes out and announces that Dean is his future partner. 


John and Jan sum up:  everyone came out of this competition getting something they longed for. Chelsey Riley was awarded the largest sports contract in the history of women’s sports.  Lindsay Erlich announced her engagement to Jonathan.  Soo-MIn and David took the world by storm. Dean Andrews and Josh Baldwin get each other.


The skating spectacular exhibition closes the show to the tune “What You Live For.”


About the production of "Cold As Ice"

“Cold As Ice The Musical LLC” is a production company whose sole purpose is to bring the highly innovative ice skating musical, Cold As Ice to Broadway.  The musical focuses on the behind the scenes lives of world class figure skaters. In the way that A Chorus Line created a sensation in the 1970s depicting the trials and tribulations of professional actors, Cold As Ice brings the behind the scenes sacrifices and exaltation of aspiring Olympic champions to the stage.

The creative team includes Emmy and Tony award wining producer Angelo Del Rossi, and four-time Tony award winning producer Richard Winkler.  This esteemed team is joined by theater veterans and a talented group of Olympic and World Class athletes.  The innovative production design includes an on-stage ice rink and state-of-the-art lighting and sound, video technology and costume design.

Cold As Ice has the potential to be the next Wicked, Lion King or Mama Mia for the 2014 Broadway season. As Billy Elliot told the inspiring story of a young dancer, Cold As Ice gives audiences the first opportunity to see what happens “off ice” in order to get to the top of this wildly competitive and popular sport. Cold As Ice appeals to adults, children, and skating fans from around the world.  Figure skating is the most popular spectator sport amongst females (who also make up nearly 70% of theater ticket buyers), and will likely see an additional surge in interest following the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

In addition, the unique structure of the show was created to maximize the casting of well-known skaters, athletes and other celebrities. This will provide opportunity to grow the built-in audience of the international ice skating community and its fans and encourage repeat business as the cast changes.

There is a world of opportunity for Cold As Ice beyond Broadway. Domestic and international tours can tap into the existing theatrical and traditional “ice show” audiences. The show can be scaled up to play the college or arena circuits. A reality television show, interactive campaign and feature film are all currently under discussion as ways to brand, market and ensure the success and longevity of the show. 

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